Vaulting box made of wood,code 213
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Vaulting box made of wood,code 213

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Vaulting box made of wood,code 213

Product code 213

Product price $990.00 Each * shipping included to US

Dimensions: 47x19,68x43.3 inches

Warranty: 10 years

Delivery: 7-10 days

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 Vaulting box with vertical sides, made of high quality pin wood 24 mm thickness.
Dimensions: 47x19,68x43.3 inches
5 separate elements, foam padded top with synthetic cover.
Adjustable height by placing each box on top of each other.
Integrated transport wheels.
Warranty 10 Years.

All wood products are lacquered with environmentally friendly water-based lacquers.
Code 213

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