Gymnastic goat, code 215
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Gymnastic goat, code 215

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Gymnastic goat, code 215

Product code 215

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 Designed to perform gymnastic exercises in training.
Goat gymnastic is a body, fitted on a steel support with four retractable stands with rubber tips. The body is made of wood, covered with an elastic gasket and tightly covered with artificial leather furniture of dark tones. The goat has a high resistance, which achieved the design of clamping knobs, special treatment nominated posts and adjustment mechanism on one of them to be installed on an uneven floor. Goat gym can be equipped with a device for securing it to the floor.
Main dimensions:
The height of the top surface of the floor - 2.95 - 4.43 ft, with 0.16 ftinterval.
Housing dimensions:
Length - 1.97 ft
Width - 0.98 ft
Height - 0.82 ft
Weight - 66 lb.
Colors of legs and body can vary. Please tel us if you need any certain colors.
Warranty 10 years.
All wood products are lacquered with environmentally friendly water-based lacquers.
Code 215
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