Triangular Climbing Frame, natural,code 287
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Triangular Climbing Frame, natural,code 287

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Triangular Climbing Frame, natural,code 287

Product code 287

Product price £59.00 pcs * VAT and shipping included to UK

Dimensions: 83 x 83 x height 72 cm.

Warranty : 10 years

Delivery: 7-10 days

Transport fee: £0.00 pcs

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Sturdy climbing frame with rungs on two sides of the frame. At the top of the frame there is only one rung in order to prevent children from standing up straight. The climbing frame features round beech rungs (36 mm Ø) and a base for greater stability. Use individually for climbing activities or in combination with other climbing frames and play cubes in the series. The climbing frame can be used to support the balancing board/ slide  from the same range.

 Dimensions: 83 x 83 x height 72 cm.Shipped unassambled.

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