Suspension trainer, code 454545
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Suspension trainer, code 454545

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Suspension trainer, code 454545

Product code 454545

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The Artimex Shoulder Rope Pulley is an economical, easy-to-use device that helps increase range of shoulder motion. It can be used for prevention and rehabilitation of shoulder injuries. This easy to use shoulder rope pulley can be mounted in a doorway or on the Stall Bars (Wall Bars).
The beech wood handles allow the user to easily adjust the length of the rope through the handle while the revolutionary stopper system is a great aid for consistent and progressive exercising.
  • Shoulder abduction
  • Shoulder adduction
  • Shoulder flexion
  • Internal rotation
  • External rotation
  • Horizontal flexion
  • Horizontal extension
  • Diagonal lifts
  • Diagonal chops

Warranty 10 years.

Code 454545
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