Parallettes long, 1 pair, code 248/Parallettes Long
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Parallettes long, 1 pair, code 248/Parallettes Long

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Parallettes long, 1 pair, code 248/Parallettes Long

Product code 248/Parallettes-long

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Dimensions: 150 cm

Warranty : 10 years

Delivery: 7-10 days

Transport fee: £0.00 pair

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    The Long parallettes are ideal as a complementary device to the rings, in exercises such as L-Sit, Russian Lever, Handstands, Press to handstands and HSPU's, Planche Pushups and many other.Round bar made of beech wood 50 mm(Oval bar 60x40 mm on request,no additional cost)
  • Lenghts 150 cm
  • Height 10,5 cm
  • Distance between floor and upon part of the bar is 4 cm.
  • Weight: 15 Kg
  • Warranty 10 years.
  • The Parallettes are Screwed for a solid working frame completed with rubber avoiding any possibility of slipping. 
    All wood products are lacquered with environmentally friendly water-based lacquers.
    Code 248/parallettes-long

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