Gymnastic Balance beam, 5 m, code 1503
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Gymnastic Balance beam, 5 m, code 1503

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Gymnastic Balance beam, 5 m, code 1503

Product code 1503

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Dimensions: 500 cm

Warranty : 14-21 days

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 The Artimex Sport balance beam is the perfect piece of training equipment for use in club and school sport. High-quality materials guarantee the durability of this beam – that’s why we offer a 20 -year guarantee with it. The 2-leg steel base frame provides maximum stability. The Wood body is padded and covered by Polymar The flexible, 10-cm-wide walking surface makes training easy on the joints and helps to prevent injuries. The height of the balance beam can easily be adjusted from 80 cm to 160 cm in 5-cm increments and therefore can easily be tailored to meet the requirements of the training gymnast. 

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