Football goals in ground sockets, 7,32x2.44 m ,code 404
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Football goals in ground sockets, 7,32x2.44 m ,code 404

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Football goals in ground sockets, 7,32x2.44 m ,code 404

Product code 404

Product price £1390.00 pair * VAT and shipping included to UK

Dimensions: 7.32x2.44 m

Warranty : 10 Years

Delivery: 10-14 Days

Transport fee: £0.00 pair

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 Conforms to FIFA and UEFA regulations.

Made of special aluminium profile, 120 x 100 mm7,32 x 2,44m, with safely screwed cast aluminium corner joints, powder-coated in white colour.

Including 2 powder coated steel posts for free-hanging net suspension; included ground frame and ground sockets. All football goals this size, are made with high folding base frame.

Makes taking care of your lawn easier and protects the nets and your lawnmower from damage. See drawing.

Complete with lock-on synthetic net hooks per set. Comes without net.




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