1/2 Wedges foam, code 244-S
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1/2 Wedges foam, code 244-S

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1/2 Wedges foam, code 244-S

Product code 244-S

Product price £110.00 Pcs * VAT and shipping included to UK

Dimensions: 120 x 60 cm

Warranty : 10 years

Delivery: 3-5 days

Transport fee: £0.00 Pcs

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1/2 foam Wedges foam, manufacture by Artimex Sport, correct posture problems. Suitable for therapy, for automatic leg reactions, head and trunk control and as a neck roll. Also popular for use with children's gymnastics mats. 10 years warranty on tear-resistance and manufacture quality. 100%polyester, Washable, RG 30 foam. Dimensions:120 x 60 cm.
See drawning.
Code 244-S
Price including VAT and shipping to UK.

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