Parallel Bars metal ,code 77799
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Parallel Bars metal ,code 77799

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Parallel Bars metal ,code 77799

Product code 77799

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Dimensions: 8.2 ft

Warranty: 20 Years

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The vertical legs of the supporting framework are adjustable so the height of the bars above the floor and distance between the bars can be set optimally for each gymnast.
Constructed with Heavy-duty steel.
The bar mounting saddles has a spring pin for a secure and stable rail setting.
Powder coated navy vein finish which resists chipping, fading and regular wear found in average finishes.
For uneven surfaces, the parallel bars are equipped with height fine adjustment.
2 bars on wood.



Bar length: 250 cm (8.2 ft). Other lenght on request.
Maximum Height of bar from floor: 168 cm (5.51 ft).
Minimum Height of bar from floor: 98 cm (3.21 ft).
Distance between the bars 48 - 90 cm (1.57-2.95 ft).
Color black (other color on request).
0.16 ft diameter beechwood bar
0.16 ft diameter steel bar
Warranty 20 years.
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Code 77799
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